by Frontline

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This is Glasgows own Frontline's self-titled debut release. The boys are quickly making a name for themselves around Glasgow offering a heavy brand of hardcore which packs a killer punch.

The lads have a release show on the 13th of October with Heavy Hands, Pay the Price and D.T.P at Arc Studios in Glasgow.

For all other information head over to their facebook page -

Cassettes will be available from the 13th of October via -

EP recorded at Devils Own Studio by Ali Walker.



released September 24, 2012




all rights reserved


Thanks for Nothing Records Glasgow, UK

We are a Glasgow based record label.

We were established in May 2011.

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Track Name: Intro
Life is a battle and we're on the front line.
Track Name: The Betrayer
I put my trust in you,
Gave everything I've got.
I believed all of your excuses,
But you couldn't stay true.
You've got your problems,
And I can sympathise,
But don't you dare make a fool out of me.
When the day comes,
That you get what you deserve,
I will welcome your misery.
The deepest circle of hell,
Is reserved for your kind.
Betrayal. Deception.
I won't let you walk away unharmed.
Track Name: Blind
Seeking fortune like a creature, Blinded by your own agenda.
You’ve forgotten your principals, You left behind your disciples.
Your sight controlled by greed, You consume everything you see.
I find it hard to comprehend, the fact you call yourself a man.

I remember the promises, I remember the pride.
Where are they now, now we need them the most?
I remember the promises, I remember the pride.
Where are they now, now we need them the most?

You don’t deserve what you got, I’m gonna take it away.
You think you’re something you’re not, you can leave,
But I’m here to stay.
Track Name: Cast Out
Cast Out:

As I pause my life and I have time to think,
All the shit we have been through has made me weak.

You cast me out, but when you need me back,
I'm not gonna be there, it's not like before,
Im not full of doubt, im getting back on track.

As i look in the mirror it reflects who i am,
You forced me to change,
God Damn.

I tried my best, to get you us through.
But we've reached the end, im done with you.

I hope theres not another stage in my life like this,
because i'm struggling to deal with it.

You'll have to pay for your sins one day, cause you are dead to me
Track Name: Ignorance
I know what's going on,
It's right in front of me.
You are causing a war.
We have grown out of this.
We don't need this.
This isn't a battle.

Your ignorance knows no bounds,
We're gonna stop you before you bring us down.
You're taking it all too far,
You're going to ruin what we all worked for.
This was never a battle.
We are just trying to stay alive.

We're going to come out on top.
You can't take this away from us.
We're gonna fight to keep this alive.